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golden hour backup plan

woo hooo- me doing a blog. finally. I did a couple a while back and then I realized I was trying to graduate college and had zero free time so I was just trying to get my head above water. but now I’m officially done and officially taking on the photog life (for now) so expect much more frequent posts on here!

yesterday was a blast – 100% did not go according to plan, but I once heard that if you make a plan God will just laugh at it. we were supposed to shoot at the dallas arboretum but it was closed for a wedding, dang love. luckily, I had been location scouting nearby and found a hill right beside white rock lake that I felt would be ideal for some sunset pics. when plan A failed we went with plan B and I looooove how they turned out!

these two are incredible humans and the most laid back, easy going- making my job the easiest of all time. I shot their proposal back in December and it also did not go according to plan. I have such an appreciation for people who just kinda go with the flow, taking whatever comes their way with grace and joy. the highlight of the shoot was when dan surprised allie with taylor swift tickets in the middle of the session. I generally help direct my couples, I’ll ask them to tell each other something they love about the other person and blah blah blah (book a shoot if you wanna know the full experience) anyways, I asked dan to whisper something into her ear that she didn’t already know- she thought it was a joke at first but then she was like OMG and I was like OMG and then she sang love story for us all.

basically they are super cute, super sweet, and all around a good time to hang with. thank you both for letting me be creative, get super close to your faces, and run with the backup plan. it was an absolute joy!!


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